Saturday, October 23, 2010

We need to fight....

I am serious too.  We need to fight against cancer and all the havoc it is raging on us all.  

I hear these days that there are now terms called "charity fatigue" where people are so bombarded that they don't want to give money.  But we need to continue to support charities like the Cancer Council so that we can find a cure, but also in the meantime, help those families that have tragically been affected.

Sadly, yesterday I heard of the fourth person I know this year alone, who, because of this disease, won't even see her youngest child start school, celebrate her 40th birthday or grow old with her husband - it is just so very sad and there has to be a way to stop it.   I can't do much but I can do my bit, and so can you.

Jayne Mercer is holding her cyberstamp Girls Night In so please stop by, make a donationa and help fight.

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