Friday, October 8, 2010

Ummm....has anyone seen September?

WOW where did September go?  Seriously I can't believe we are week into October already!

I actually was very busy last month.  The girls group from our Church had its annual Mother Daughter night with 70 craft kits to organise.  Now that is what I call a workshop!  We did the lovely little owl pencil boxes just like those that Marelle did a few months ago.  It was a fun night and an interesting lesson for me to realise the varying levels of confidence that people have when they are doing something like this.  As I was leading the craft night my girls had the help of my mother with their craft and below is what they ended up with.

They were both very proud of themselves!

Add to the work for that night, I also had wedding invites to do for a friend of mine - I actually was working to such a tight time frame, I didn't take a picture of the invitation.  But I did take a photo of the prototype I did for her - which I made into a birthday card so I could actually do something with it.

You can't see it since my photo taking skills are really bad, but I put the new shimmer paint on the raised parts of the embossed card.  It looked really pretty - and sooooo simple to do.

So have I been doing anything much - well apart from ordering lots and lots of new goodies - so many I haven't had time to use them all!  But I have started, so I will be back over the weekend with some picutres to show you.


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